Marlon Co Photography

Marlon Co is a photographer and graphic designer based in Westchester, NY. His love for photography began in high school and the literal spark of inspiration (or insanity) struck when a teacher explained how to photograph lightning.

Since that moment, he has been practicing the craft of image making for over ten years. Marlon's work aims to capture real, intimate moments, portray the beauty of the nature, and display a vibrant, optimistic view of the world in which we all live. Currently employed as the principal photographer at The New York Botanical Garden, Marlon also photographs weddings and events, and has had work displayed in publications such as The New York Times, Town & Country,, The Gothamist,, and



Intimate moments and stories of love

New York Botanical Garden

A collection of favorites taken for The New York Botanical Garden


Serendipity and rhythm found on the streets


Faces from all walks of life

Colorful patchwork

Impressions from a nine month RV roadtrip around the US

On the trail

Scenes from life on the trail | @mco_photo |